Typical Project Life Cycle

The construction process can vary from project to project but typically it starts at the 'Design Phase', then once all the relevant designs have been finalised the construction can commence during the 'Installation Phase' and at the end of this phase the client is able to move into their property to start enjoying the 'Habitation Phase'.

Automated Spaces’ can assist our clients through the entire complete life cycle of a construction project:


Design Phase:

Starts normally with the client liaising with various different construction design professionals while they produce the relevant design and plans. To then using these plans to gain the required permissions from the relevant local authorities. Then once the regulatory permissions are in place to contracting for the associated construction/installation services.


Installation Phase:

  • 1st Fix - typically ranges from foundation to putting plaster on internal walls
  • 2nd Fix -  typically starts after the walls have been plastered
  • 3rd Fix - is when the construction site has constant reliable mains power, is dust and damp free and has appropriate equipment cooling systems


Habitation Phase:

Starts from the day that the client moves in to property and continues until they no longer live in the property


To learn more about the various services Automated Spaces' can provide during the various stages of project life cycle please visit the SERVICES section of this website