Continual Professional Development




Continual Professional Development

Automated Spaces’ offer a range of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) & BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) certified continual professional development (CPD) briefings related to smart home technologies. Further details are summarised below.

Insightful Briefings

The briefings are delivered in an environment where you can deeply immerse yourself in the concepts and technologies being discussed in the materials. The venue is the Automated Spaces’ real-world 3 bedroom house that has been thoroughly transformed into a fully functioning and completely hands-on ‘Smart Home’ show house.


CPD Core Curriculum

The briefings fall within the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum; Design, Construction and Technology.


Structured CPDs

Each briefing is classified in the ‘General Awareness’ learning level of the RIBA CPD.


Scheduling Flexibility

Briefings can be held during the day or alternatively at the end of the working day if more convenient.


Time Efficient Sessions

For those with limited time; short briefings, of approximately 1 hour each, on the individual topics can be booked. Or, for those who want to maximise the number of hours of learning during a single visit; it is also possible to arrange for a grouping of any of the 4 available briefings to be delivered back-to-back over a longer session.


Show House Guided Tour

Guided tours of the Automated Spaces’ ‘Smart Home’ show house can be provided.


CPD Certificates

Certificates for all attendees.



Refreshments can be provided.

briefings OFFERED

Automated Spaces offers the following CEDIA CPD briefings:


  • Designing the connected home

This CPD explores at the design and installation of technology in the connected home. It will question why good design is so essential in the connected home and the possibilities for integrating technology in projects. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

- Why architects should discuss technology with their clients

- The possibilities for technology in projects and the associated processes



  • Cabling for the integrated home

This CPD will discuss the Smart Home. It will begin with a definition of the Smart Home, before moving on to explore topics including The Internet of Things, entertainment, modern building methods, bandwidth and Smart Home wiring infrastructure. By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of:

- Key vocabulary and phrases

- Basic design principles

- What is required to cable an ‘Integrated Home’

- Key metrics/space

- When to ask for guidance or professional assistance


  • Designing Home Cinemas and Media Rooms

Digital entertainment plays a huge part in the modern lifestyle and is something that can be truly astounding when experienced in the correct environment. Dedicated and convertible entertainment spaces need careful thought and professional design to perform well, and ultimately wow the homeowner. Discover the principles of how to design and implement these entertainment spaces. This CPD will help you to understand the following topics:

- Understand the difference between a home cinema and a media room and the basic vocabulary used

- Understand how to raise awareness of home cinemas and media rooms, how to help clients choose and specify rooms and raise the standard of the rooms

- Understand all the components that make a good home cinema room and media room

- Understand the design principles of sound and vision

- Understand how to work with a system designer and look at requirements


We also partner with Amina Technologies Ltd would can deliver the following CPD at our smart home show house:


  • Understanding and Specifying Invisible Sound Solutions

This CPD explores the options available to architects to include sound into their projects, for entertainment, ambience, education or safety with zero visual intrusion into the look and feel of a property. Ideal for modern minimalist or historic properties in both residential and commercial applications the speakers are rendered invisible through plastering over, or up to, or installing behind other materials such as wood or leather. It will help you to understand the following topics:

- Understand how invisible loudspeakers work using Vibrational Panel Technology, VPT

- Understand integration of invisible sound solutions into new and historic properties

- Understand both residential and commercial applications, with case studies

- Understand what to consider when using VPT as opposed to conventional loudspeakers

If you would like to know more or book a CPD briefing please feel free to contact us